Instrument NIC card Priced for quick sale. Food and Drug Administra Can you change teh default gateway on the BootP to match Seller refurbished Time left:

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Mass spectrometers must be tuned to ensure that peak shapes, isotope ratios, and mass assignments are correct. RTL allows the matching of retention times from instrument to instrument and from laboratory to laboratory.

Windows XP Data System Upgrades

I tried those things, and nothing has changed. Seller refurbished Time left: Many factors determine the sensitivity for your specific application, including system cleanliness, the compound that is being measured, and the matrix.

What MS are you using? Food and Drug Administra This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

For Agilent’s newest instruments Does anyone have a better idea? Old Instruments we Support: You don’t have JavaScript enabled. We have various HP and Agilent Windows XP Upgrade packages with easy to follow instructions as well as Chemstation hardware that Agilent no longer offers in “kit” form.

Win XP – USB-GPIB – Chemstation A or E – Chromatography Forum

HP Technologies designs instruments that provide great flexibility. In order to effectively use smaller bore columns, the GC injection system must be able to inject small volumes, rapidly and reproducibly. Headspace sampler Purge and trap Gas and liquid sampling valves Inlets: Our quality PC will be pre-configured, ready to plug in and deploy. Retention times in quantitation databases can be maintained even after the front part of the GC column is clipped in normal maintenance.


We help you keep your XP Chemstation up-to-date at a fraction of the cost of a brand new Agilent or Mass Spectrometer allowing you to put those financial resources to better use. Below is a partial list of HP GC MS options that may be added to enhance the sample introduction, separation, and detection capabilities.

It might help you out in the long run to make that switch if possible, because 1. It has been the predominant instrument used to obtain and confirm spectra in spectral libraries.

HP 5973 GCMS Sytems

If you are still running into the same error ma-6890 restarting the MS, then the next thing to check would be the binding order of your network adapters. If you can obtain the copy of Chemstation A. I have tried ms-68900 static IP addresses for everything, so that our network doesn’t try to use DHCP for anything all of the addresses below are in the same subnet, but are outside of the range for the DHCP server.


Wed Jul 14, 7: Rough pump not included. For a single instrument, it means that the retention times can be kept within narrow windows. Since most laboratory personnel are familiar with the graphical user interface, the application is easy to learn. I marked this as assumed answered due to its age, if further help is needed, please post again and we will be happy to help. Well, we are hu Mon Jan 07, 8: Although the standard performs fast and reproducible temperature ramps, even greater capabilities are available on the high-voltage model.

Retention time locking allows easy matching of compounds detected on non-MS detectors. The HP was designed for easy maintenance.