There are three types of text attributes: You may need to adjust the density after installing a new tape cartridge. Page Line Select Page to frame all text on the label, or select Line to frame just the text on the line where the cursor is currently positioned. This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or any damage caused by accident, misse, abuse, negligence or modification or attempted repair by anyone other than Kroy or a Kroy authorized repair agent. If you have already saved the file, the printer will display its file name. When you select an option, the printer will display a list of more options, or prompt you for information.

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Default and Current Attribute Settings When the printer is shipped from the factory, some attributes are already set; for example, the number of copies is set to one. B-2 Cleaning the Cut Blade The user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by using kroh or more of the following measures: Left, Center, or Rkoy.

A submenu is a subsequent menu of options that displays when you press one of the special function keys. Label text and text attributes are automatically saved when the printer is shut off and remain saved until the lithium battery is replaced.

Kroh left and right arrow keys move left and right, one option or one character at a time; the up and 8 Using the Printer Keys Using Your Printer down arrow keys move up and down through lines of text, one line at a time.


Kroy K2500 Label Maker Printer 2504210

If an asterisk is displayed beside the option, selecting it turns off bold. If you enter a file name for an already existing file, you will see the following message: ESC Returns you to krot mode without selecting a list option or changing an attribute and aborts printing.

If service or repair is needed, contact a qualified Kroy service representative. Density 0 If the characters are smeared on a label or are not completely filled in, you can attempt to fix the problem by adjusting the print density.

Many books introduce and survey the topic of bar code requirements. The printer displays a list of files you have saved see the following example and waits for you to select the file you want to delete. Do you want to print the bar code with or without text?

Specifications | Kroy K2500 Thermal Label Printer

You can also externally create labels and print them via an RS connection. Frame Select Frame to draw a frame box around your label text.

Toggled options are like light switches — either on or off. To krou a special character shown in yellow, hold down ALT and press the key below and to the right of the character you want. B-1 Cleaning the Print Head and Rollers A suitable battery charger is also included for recharging the nickel-cadmium batteries.

Do not apply adhesive labels to your skin. If you decide not to save the file, simply press ESC.

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Insert the card into the card slot see Figure 6 with the label side up. Press ESC to accept the current font or use the left and right arrow keys to move the cursor to the left of the font you want and press ENTER to select it.


For instance, in the previous example on page 17if you decided later that you only wanted the word “NOT” to be bolded. In this case, you can think of a file as a single document containing one or more pages labels. Pull the jacket down from the top of the printer until clear of the top portion of the printer.

F1 Lets you create a label and save it in a file, modify labels you have already saved, and delete labels that you no longer need. You can kk2500 text easily using the keypad, and the special function keys let you perform standard procedures quickly and easily. That will turn off the Bold attribute. Turn on the printer.

Before you can properly print bar code labels you should answer the following questions: Use only the batteries designated for the printer. Replace the battery cover. While holding the printer from the bottom, grab the top portion of the printer and lift it out of the jacket.

Do not expose to high temperatures or high humidity.