MPEG-4 Use of this product in any manner that complies with the MPEG-4 visual standard is prohibited, except for use by a consumer engaging in personal and non-commercial activities. Page 17 Ready light blinks red , release your finger, recompose the scene, and go to Step 2. However, flesh tones were pleasing, and the camera did a good job of preventing red-eye. Reviewing pictures and videos favorites. Negative 0 1 2. Did work before now it will not power on. Automatically sets exposure, focus, and flash.

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The Good Excellent performance; easy operation. We were able to koadk off full-resolution pictures with only a 1. Ready light blinks redrelease your finger, recompose the scene, and go to Step 2. The disk and carry bag are not included. Shutter button completely down to take the picture.

To see different parts of the picture, press To redisplay the picture at the 1X original size, press the OK button. If the orange light blinks, release the Shutter button and recompose picture.

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With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line If the lighting conditions require flash but do not require Red-eye reduction, the flash may fire only once. Got one to sell? Then copy up to 32 ,odak names to the album name list the next time you connect the camera to the computer.


The bright red Share button lets you mark images for printing or e-mailing to addresses downloaded from your computer. Printing tagged pictures When you transfer the tagged pictures to your computer, the Devcie EasyShare software print screen opens.

Camera problems Problem Cause Camera does Battery is not not turn easyshars. To run a slide show on a television or on any external device, see save battery power, use an optional Kodak 3V AC adapter. Good —lower resolution and file size.

Kodak EasyShare CX7530 zoom User Manual

Memory Card—deletes everything on the card; formats the card. Use the Slide Show to display your pictures and videos on the camera screen.

Subject ccx7530 sharp and the background is indistinct. Tagging pictures and videos for emailing First—on your computer Use Kodak EasyShare software to create an email address book on your computer. Did work before now it will not power on. Install the software 1 Close all software applications that are open on your computer including anti-virus software.


Taking Pictures Dasyshare Videos Shutter button completely down to take the picture. Many images were a little soft, however, and lacked the sharpness we expected from a 5-megapixel camera.

Video plays in a x pixel window VGA. You must turn on the camera screen to activate digital zoom. Framing marks do not appear in Landscape mode.

Kodak EasyShare CX zoom digital camera — User’s guide

Connections Memory Card Slot. Pictures were not copied. The first is a CX model with 5. Ordering prints online Kodak EasyShare print service provided by Ofoto www. Mode dial or turn off the camera. Automatically sets exposure, focus, and flash.

USB cable39 trash can, deleting12 turning camera on and off4 upgrading software, firmware55 URLs, Kodak web sites49 USB universal serial bus connection locationi transferring pictures All Auction Buy It Now.

You also get twice as much internal memory 32MBa larger 1.