It had problems sometimes with HF AC also. It would allow me to turn it off and restart from 0Hz, but as soon as I go to 60 hz and then turn the dial to lower the frequency it will not go below 45Hz or so. I took off the VFD and put the original contactor on it and re-checked frame to ground and got 0v with the machine running. What would that do that the drives doesnt already do? The Automation direct inverters are a good unit for a very attractive price. Could a VFD induce or leak 50v onto the frame with proper grounding in place? Have you guys had this problem?

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Read it 3x over and over. Find the perfect gift for the tradespeople in your life. Or you might have had more than 50V, and the meter could not read it correctly and read low. You will need to apply this advice to your machine and VFD.

GS2 VFD Driver

Since you’ve got a vtd gearbox driving the horizontal, I’m not sure how much sensorless vector will help you. Adapter, drive mounti … read more. I’d double check the cable interface of the remote mount.

A surprisingly high voltage sometimes, even if the unit is grounded OK for mains frequency. Ive got the same VFD unit If you’re going that slow you’re probably in a low gear anyway, so the linear torque loss below 60hz is not relly too much of an issue. The output from the VFD must go directly to the motor.


GS2 Series AC Micro Drives

Lots of words indicating that I am guessing and can’t give a definite answer. Tags for this Thread 0hz45hzrestart ffd, turnvfd. I also thought about adding a braking resistor.

Very sweet option offered by most VFD’s. Second, the manual will be a tad obtuse, but there will be several “parameters” or settings- you’ll have to ‘program’ the VFD to tell it what kind of external gss2 you’ll be using.

Thanks for your help. With respect to how catastrophic downstream switching of a VFD might be you might want to see http: Den, that’s the one VFD that’s been mentioned that I wouldn’t recommend: They are correct in that advice.

I took off the VFD and put the original contactor on it and re-checked frame to ground and got 0v with the vrd running. Would it have constant power, or only when the drive is in run? If you measured it with VFD on, but not powering the motor, it is likely that you simply had a missing ground.

Mill, VFD setup

Hitting the reverse results in a controlled deceleration and then reversal and the same controlled like a soft start on your router acceleration the other way. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.


Each VFD is slightly different in how the parameters are assigned, etc, but at the end of the day they mostly behave the same way.

It actually could happen in certain cases, depending on the reference point. Resulting in resetting the drive.

Say i were to use the keypad as mentioned and remote mount it close to the table. There will be no “plugging” where there is a violent slam stop and slam reverse. This is g2s generic vanilla wiring from doing different things with different VFDs. So there can be a difference in AC voltage at high frequency along it. With the design developments that hexapod systems have recently experienced, automotive manufacturers requiring extreme high resolution and high accuracy can better capitalize on these advancements to reduce set-up and processing time, overall Use the control side of the VFD to tell it when to stop, start, which direction to run and how fast.

The only thing I can suggest other than that is an error inputting the decel, ggs2 another parameter that is in some way over-riding the decel.