Other manufacturers could take something from EPoX on that point since losing your motherboard manual isn’t hard to imagine. Next up we have Quake3. Click to find out more. Are the graphics as good as the PS2 version? But it will be out soon and be the first nForce motherboard.

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The numbers are very similar to results we’ve gotten with this CPU epkx a wide number of boards. Yes, that’s news to me too. DDR memory is happiest running at the same clock as the host bus front side bus so that wait states between the two are minimised.

All completely stable I write this at that speed, on this board, as you read!

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. There would be no point in VIA releasing a chipset that’s intended to replace the KTA if it didn’t offer increased performance in some areas leaving fpox with no incentive to buy a KT board. While creating a chipset that uses a non ratified memory standard may possibly cause issues with large OEM purchasers who might want to give it a miss until the standard epoc ratified, the enthusiasts among us have long been running DDR memory modules at DD speeds so the chipset was greeted with open arms for the most part.

Performance This is the section that most people will be interested in and rightly so.


EPoX 8K7A & AMD XP Will it work? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Visit a music site I write for: Its probably not the final demo, since i dont think they are done with the game yet, but it will still be cool. I am guessing that not that many people have it, so ill let you all know if its cool.

VIA have tweaked the memory controller a little bit more since KTA the KT controller will appear in P4X soon so performance at the same clocks will increase by a epx margin. Moving to the right past that circuit and componentry we see the socket itself. As always, lets start at the top left and work our way across and down.

The time now is Tony Hawk 3 demo I am getting the tony hawk 3 pc demo from my friend tomorrow. The heatsink does the job fine and remained cool to the touch at all times, even under load.

Next up epx have Quake3. Here’s a cropped screen grab from Sandra showing the effect that a MHz memory and host clock has. Just how motherboards should be.

EPoX 8K7A & AMD XP 1600- Will it work?

Results 1 8k7x 11 of The floppy and IDE connectors are placed, ideally for this reviewer at least, on the right hand vertical edge of the board and aligned vertically. Latency on DDR memory subsystems actually increases when you run asynchronous to the front side bus, negating some of the performance, but on the whole performance rises.


And thats all that Matters. Also, our asynchrous runs show the little increase we need to validate the mode.

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The KT Northbridge seems to run exceptionally cool. The PC version is out already??

Please feel free to send money for upgrades. AMD seems to have shot itself in the foot however by not increasing front side bus clock or doing some of the other things to help out a lack of bandwidth like a large on die L2 cache. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Other manufacturers could take something from EPoX on that point since losing your motherboard manual isn’t hard to imagine.

The results are higher than any KTA results we’ve seen, although 8i7a by very small amounts which again highlights something we’ll touch on in the conclusion so keep reading. At MHz and above, your memory clock will match the front side bus speed.

He won it from a radio station. I hope THPS3 has another kickass soundtrack like 2 did. Running all the 8kk7a up to MHz was possible on this board with no other cooling of the bridge required.