Cheers, Rod Taken from: This issue might have caused due to incompatibility issue. Honestly, I don’t like it. How satisfied are you with this reply? I’m hoping to avoid having to get my hands on a windows machine to see how things work there. In other words it cuts always past the start point to stop this happening.

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In SignBlazer the software does an over-cut. March 18th, 1. I didn’t use the driver on the CD with my old software, but had downloaded another copy so it was on my computer. Find the application installer file location.

Sometimes gaps appearing is not avoidable. But first I need to get the plotter to respond to something, anything, that I send it. Follow these steps to install the drivers in compatibility mode and check if that helps.

Creation PCUT CTO Driver and Manual – Redemption Man | Redemption Man

How satisfied are you with this reply? Compatibility mode runs the program using settings from a previous version of Windows. How satisfied are you with this response?

PCut Cutting Plotter USB-Serial Device FTDI USB Serial Device o i just reread your post that is the problem i had mh series and that uses the same chipset there is a way to get it to work but it doesnt look easy i never messed with it since the graphtec worked i just sold the MH if you get the driver for that it should work just fine.


The PCut guys have done a remarkable job to produce a reliable cutter that does a great job. Also, my letter curves are not very good at all. They are brothers who argued and split the business into two companies. I don’t have that cutter pxut more so i cant test anything out with it. We will help you. March 19th, 5. Tried to creatin it but unfortunately the driver does not compile on my system.

Install the application in compatibility mode. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. China has the largest number of manufacturers in the world. Probably keep the Pcut as the backup cutter. I haven’t spent that much time with it, but if I could get the driver for Flexi, I would be much happier. I just got a PCut Cutting Plotter for use in cutting vinyl and sand blast resist stencils.

Simply there is no function or memory to retain settings in your particular PCut. It should be 0. They have never spoken to each other again. He did not even have a Roland crreation or access to another cutter to copy it. The quality maybe slightly inferior in some cases, but even so, it is still cheaper.


Creation Pcut CT630 Sign Sticker Vinyl Cutter Plotter Ct 630 – Windows and Mac

And of course as soon as the first one was sold it was copied by others everywhere. Do not expect all the bells and whistles of a cutter that is three to six times the price.

If you are cutting a larger quantities of vinyls, cut 1 vinyl out, find where the gaps are. Feb 1, Feb ueb, Thanks to Fred for originally teaching me the following I installed the downloaded driver in compatibility mode back to Windows 7, just as Sachin instructed, but wanted to add that my cutter didn’t show creatiom still, until I unplugged and re-plugged the USB from the cutter while it was on.