Comment 5 Robin Theander It’s definitely the chipset model. The problem is just windows 10 for the moment. Comment 7 Robin Theander I do check things with latencymon after updates. Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Downside is I own enough hardware where driver updates stopped with Win7 that I will be staying here a while longer.

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Contacted Focusrite yesterday asking if they have at least located the issue.

Firewire VIA chipset and Windows 10 – BEWARE! | Cakewalk Forums

Everything works rock solid. Kernel says this when the camcorder is plugged: The cihpset was detected and I was able to capture video from it. And as you see it’s deemed perfectly compatible by Focusrite: Since the DMA program thinks its done, no more queued packets ever get handled.

What I’ve seen posted in the last few years supports what Jim is saying. Maarkr Max Output Level: Going back a few years, but wasn’t the TI chipset identified as the one to have for Sonar and Firewire?


Asus P4P800-E Deluxe, Via VT6307 firewire chipset. Only 2 devices??

Old FC6 with old stack: How do I find out in case it should interest any of you? Hmm, the controller could have mistaken two isochronous packets for one, or the camcorder could have wrongly sent two packets as one, I don’t know BassDaddy Max Output Level: Glad it works for some. I have had no problems since upgrading to Windows 10 last week.

However, the external appears to work, while the internal one does not. Jun 5, Posts: Forums Posts Latest Posts. I do check things cjipset latencymon after updates. I realize that’s not much help, but it’s the best I’ve got.

– [firewire] Via VT and VT FireWire controllers unable to capture video

But that was quite some time ago. Restart Windows 10 keeping Saffire on.

Sir Les Max Output Level: Creative Labs physical id: I have doubts that it will help though because iso reception does stop very early. Start Windows 10 Log in.


Tue Jul 20, 4: Focusrite emailed me today saying situation is still ongoing and they will be emailing me when it is fixed. Indeed, dvgrab suddenly receives iso on my OHCI 1.

Nevermind my DAW is still on Win8. The problem vh6307 just windows 10 for the moment. The PDF posted here gives a list of Focusrite compatible chipsets: I will try a similar event handler for firewire-ohci and test it with my VT card. Comment 7 Robin Theander I need to be able to have FW devices plugged in at all times.