When ACSLS comes up, it will bring all of the library resources to the last established desired state. Wait for the drive to go online. The date and time of the last time a cartridge was dismounted from the drive. If a cell is reserved, ACSLS rechecks the database until the cell becomes available up to a maximum of 60 retries. If the CAP door is open , remove all of the cartridges and close the door. One or more cartridges cannot be entered because the media type is unknown.

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Empty the CAP, then close it to continue the audit.

Mounting a data cartridge on a drive “mount” Displaying the lock status of a drive or cartridge “query lock” Displaying the location and media type of a cartridge “query volume” Changing the state aacsls a library component “vary”. Changing the state of a library component. Table Valid Components for Vary. Displays the status of media-compatible cartridges for a specified scratch pool and, optionally, for a specific cartridge media type within the pool.

If the automatic calculated timeout is not sufficient, the SMF facility may intervene to restart the acsls service before sufficient time had displqy to allow the previous startup sequence to finish. April 9, RE: ACSLS never knows that the drive must be cleaned. If the cartridge is not in its recorded home cell, Cartridge Recovery records the cell in which it was found as its new home cell.


Display Command Reference

Close this window and log in. ACSLS cannot lock the specified cartridge because the cartridge is dsplay locked or in use. ACSLS cannot change the state of the specified library component because you tried to vary: This example displays all volumes with home locations in panel 0,1,9.

To display all cleaning cartridges: Define the cartridges you entered in Step 2 as scratch cartridges and assign them to a scratch pool.

If barcodes are outside of the specified volume range, include them as described in Add Volume Ranges. Usage Use sisplay mount command to mount a data cartridge.


The display commands are: The display drive command displays specific drive information based on the options selected. If you do not, the media that is available in the library will not be synchronized with the CommServe database. Each different cleaning cartridge type has a maximum number of uses before the drive reports that it is used-up expired or spent.

To mount a scratch cartridge compatible with the drive diaplay the common pool pool Hi mph, i did it on master server but got below output bash The availability of logical libraries and tape drives in logical libraries is also governed by the desired state that you set for both the underlying physical library and the logical library.


STK Libraries Attached to ACSLS Server – Overview

ACSLS automatically selects the correct type of cartridge for each cleaning operation. Usage Use the set scratch command to set or clear a volumes’ scratch attribute, and assign the volume to a pool. Automatic mode When a CAP is in automatic mode, displqy can initiate an enter operation without issuing an enter command. To manage scratch pools, you may want to delete any scratch pools that no longer contain scratch cartridges. This is the initial mode for all priority CAPs.

Use the delete pool command to delete empty scratch pools. ACSLS cannot mount the cartridge because an audit has locked out access to the cell location of the specified cartridge. Pool 0 is the common scratch pool.

Access Counts In many cases, cartridge end-of-life casls is not available. To see if the enter or eject request is still active:. The selected scratch cartridge is then mounted on the drive. The CAP requires magazines for the ejection.